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      TrustPad's Logo'

      TrustPad Launchpad

      Native Token Price: TPAD
      Entry Threshold: 3,000 TPAD
      Current AVG ROI (USD)
      0.418x 41.75%
      23.45x 2345.25%
      Number of IDOs
      Total Funds Raise
      Telegram Stats

      What Is TrustPad?

      TrustPad is a multi-chain IDO platform allowing projects to raise liquidity in a safe way. TrustPad runs on BSC network.

      How to participate in an IDO on TrustPad?

      TrustPad IDOs happen on BSC network and are usually funded by BUSD. 

      TrustPad uses a Levels system to determine the amount of guaranteed allocation a participant is entitled to. These levels start from 10k TPAD (AFFILIATE) being staked in the IDO staking pool and go up to 1,000,000 TPAD (SINGULARITY). The multiple assigned to each level calculates how much allocation is provided per a base allocation, which is set once the registration period closes shortly before the start of the raise.

      There are also lower lottery levels, starting from 3k TPAD which give you a much higher chance of obtaining an allocation when compared to the public whitelist.


      • Guaranteed Allocation: Stake 15,000 $TPAD or more and you will be entitled to a guaranteed allocation.
      • Lottery: Stake 3,000 or more $TPAD and you will be entered into the $TPAD lottery to win an allocation in the IDO.
      • Public Whitelist Competition: Complete the steps in the whitelist competition to enter Public Sale rounds. We are giving away 100 spots (randomly chosen) to anyone who isn’t staking TPAD.

      What is First Come First Serve (FCFS) sale? And who can participate in it?

      If a pool is not sold out, FCFS round opens 20 minutes before the sale end.
      First two rounds - 50% and 100% - are open only for previously registered participants. It includes lottery participants who didn't win.
      Starting from the round 3 - 200% - all stakers with their level higher than "NONE", including non-registered, can participate.
      All participants get an additional allocation on top of their level allocation: first +50% of base allocation, then +100%, then +200%. Non-registered participants get only the percent on top, without the base allocation.
      Whitelist winners DO NOT get an additional allocation.

      TrustPad Community

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