BitTorrent Price (BTTOLD)


0.0000000442 BTC


Market Cap


43,744 BTC
Fully Diluted Market Cap


43,744 BTC
Volume 24h


7.53 BTC
Circulating Supply

990,000,000,000 BTTOLD

Max Supply

990,000,000,000 BTTOLD

Total Supply

990,000,000,000 BTTOLD

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Distributed Computing Filesharing
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BitTorrent (BTTOLD) Chart


BitTorrent (BTTOLD) Return On Investment(ROI)

0.00% 1 H
1.93% 24 H
-4.00% 7 D
41.26% 1 Month
-52.34% 6 Month
-76.56% 1 Year
Mineable No
Issue Price --

BitTorrent (BTTOLD) Price Now

BitTorrent price today is $0.001057 with a 24-hour trading volume of $180,139. BTTOLD price is up 1.93% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 990Bil BTTOLD tokens and a max supply of 990Bil. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as

What Is BitTorrent(BTTOLD)?

Based in San Francisco, BitTorrent is the company behind the largest decentralized P2P communications protocol for distributing data and large files over the Internet. The protocol is responsible for moving a significant percentage of the world's Internet traffic each day.

The company currently develops products across two brands, BitTorrent and µTorrent, which offer popular torrent download clients for Windows, Mac, and Android. With over 100 million active users each month, BitTorrent offers feature-rich, safe torrent programs for the desktop, a browser-based torrent streaming and downloading a product, and a mobile torrent downloader for Android available on the Google Play Store.

Who Are the Founders of BitTorrent?

Bram Cohen: Bram Cohen is an American computer programmer, best known as the author of the peer-to-peer (P2P) BitTorrent protocol in 2001, as well as the first file-sharing program to use the protocol, also known as BitTorrent.

What Is BitTorrent Token (BTTOLD)?

BitTorrent Inc. is introducing a TRON TRC-10 cryptographic token called BitTorrent Token (BTT). BTT will act as a general purpose mechanism for transacting in computing resources shared between BitTorrent clients and a liquid market of service requesters and service providers. BTT will be the unit which denominates transactions for the provision of services in the BTT-enabled BitTorrent ecosystem. It will be made available as a divisible token, allowing for granular pricing. Due to expected volume, direct use of the public TRON blockchain for all transactions is unfeasible. Therefore, BitTorrent Inc. will deploy an "on-chain/off-chain exchange." The exchange will enable the transfer of tokens between a high-performance private ledger and the public TRON blockchain.

The total supply of BitTorrent Token is 990,000,000,000 BTT. Issued tokens will be distributed in the following proportion: ● Public sale tokens constitute 6% of total token supply ● Private sale tokens constitute 2% of total token supply ● Seed sale tokens constitute 9% of the total token supply BITTORRENT FOUNDATION 2019 v0.8.7 WORKING DRAFT - SUBJECT TO CHANGE 17 ● Tron airdrop tokens constitute 10.1% of total token supply, to be spread out over the next six years ● BitTorrent protocol airdrop tokens constitute 10% of total token supply ● BitTorrent Team and the BitTorrent Foundation were allocated 19% of total token supply ● TRON Foundation received 20% of the total token supply ● BitTorrent ecosystem is allocated 19.9% of the total token supply ● Partnership tokens constitute 4% of the total token supply.

Users of BitTorrent Inc.'s torrent clients, and possibly other torrent clients which choose to implement the required set of protocol extensions, will be able to submit a CAPTCHA or proof of work that will allow them to access an initial balance of BTT.

What Are the Features of BitTorrent?

  • BitTorrent Speed: BitTorrent Speed is available as a feature of BitTorrent and µTorrent Web, as well as µTorrent Classic. With BitTorrent Speed enabled, downloaders will have the option of providing tokens to uploaders in exchange for faster download speed. By introducing an incentive of earning BTT tokens, uploaders have a reason to seed files longer and to dedicate more of their bandwidth and storage to other torrent clients in the network. BTT, which serves as a crypto torrent token in BitTorrent Speed, is responsible for powering a healthier BitTorrent protocol.
  • BitTorrent File System: BTFS is both a protocol and network implementation that provides a p2p mechanism for storing and sharing digital content in a decentralized filing system. BTFS is a decentralized file storage system supported by millions of BitTorrent user nodes. By running on the blockchain, which has a Delegated proof of Stake method of processing blockchain transactions, BTFS addresses these limitations. BTFS represents the first decentralized storage system that can be used by decentralized application (DApp) developers. Soon, BTT will be introduced into the BTFS ecosystem to incentivize a fair and abundant file system. 
  • DLive: DLive is a live streaming community built on blockchain that empowers content creators and viewers.

Where Can I Buy BitTorrent(BTTOLD) Token?

Investing in BTT Token can seem complicated, but it is much easier when you buy BTT Token through a cryptocurrency exchange. Signing up for a cryptocurrency exchange will allow you to buy, sell, and hold BTT Token — both for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular BTT Token cryptocurrency exchanges are:

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    $0.00002001 1.93%

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    $0.001036 / $0.001083

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    $0.000885 / $0.001138

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    $0.000528 / $0.001138

  • 90d Low / 90d High

    $0.00038 / $0.001498

  • 52 Week Low / 52 Week High

    $0.00000241 / $0.005338

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