FoxGPT Price (FGPT)


0.00000000058 BTC


Market Cap
Fully Diluted Market Cap


Volume 24h


0.0109 BTC
Circulating Supply
Max Supply

1,000,000,000 FGPT

Total Supply

1,000,000,000 FGPT

Website, Explorers, Whitepaper
BSC Ecosystem

FoxGPT (FGPT) Chart


FoxGPT (FGPT) Return On Investment(ROI)

0.00% 1 H
-1.96% 24 H
-7.13% 7 D
28.66% 1 Month
-- 6 Month
-- 1 Year
Mineable No
Issue Price --

FoxGPT (FGPT) Price Now

FoxGPT price today is $0.00002397 with a 24-hour trading volume of $451.41. FGPT price is down -1.96% in the last 24 hours. It has a max supply of 1000Mil.
In order to search for real-time and historical information about FoxGPT (FGPT) blockchain, including data related to blocks, transactions, addresses, and more, you may use FoxGPT (FGPT) block explorers. Here are some of the most popular and useful FoxGPT (FGPT) blockchain explorers out there:

What Is FoxGPT(FGPT)?

FoxGPT is a cryptocurrency project that combines blockchain technology with artificial intelligence. The mission is to bring new, innovative experiences to the crypto world. FoxGPT team has identified a new wave that is driving the growth of AI strongly and sees it as a great opportunity to enter the challenging and highly competitive race.  

What Is FGPT Token?

The $FGPT token is a versatile utility token with significant value that can support the adoption and expansion of the FoxGPT platform. With a variety of use cases and advantages, the platform aims to incentivize user engagement and contribute to its sustainable development.

  •  Subscription Model: The FGPT token can be utilized within a subscription model, allowing users to pay a specified number of tokens on a monthly or annual basis. This payment structure grants access to a curated selection of premium features and services available within the AI Marketplace. By leveraging the FGPT token, users can unlock exclusive offerings and enhance their experience within the platform. 
  • Payment Method: FGPT will serve as the primary payment method within the FoxGPT platform, enabling users to make seamless transactions for accessing services, products, and features. With its secure and efficient payment capabilities, FGPT offers a convenient way for users to engage with the platform, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of transactions and value exchange.
  • Access Premium Functions: The FGPT token provides the ability to unlock premium features within the AI Marketplace, granting users access to advanced analytics, data visualization tools, and personalized recommendations. By utilizing the FGPT token, users can enhance their experience and gain additional value from the platform's premium offerings.
  • Buy NFTs: The FGPT token serves as the designated currency for purchasing NFTs within our platform. Users can utilize FGPT to acquire unique and valuable digital assets.
  • Staking & Farming: The FGPT token offers staking and liquidity provision opportunities within the FoxGPT users, enabling users to earn rewards for their contributions towards the platform's stability and expansion. By participating in staking and providing liquidity, users can actively support the growth of the ecosystem while being incentivized with attractive rewards.
  • DAO Access: The FGPT token will play a crucial role in the FoxGPT DAO, empowering participants to vote and make impactful decisions. Through the token, users can actively engage in the governance process, shaping the direction and initiatives of the DAO. This inclusive and decentralized approach ensures that community members have a voice in driving the platform's evolution and  maximizing its value.

FoxGPT (FGPT) Community

What is FoxGPT (FGPT) Contracts address?


The current FoxGPT usd price is $0.00002397. We update the FoxGPT USD price in real time. Get live prices of FoxGPT on different cryptocurrency exchanges around the world on Coincarp.

It depends on your personal risk tolerance and investment goals. FoxGPT is a cryptocurrency that is highly volatile and therefore may not be suitable for all investors. Before investing, please do your own research about cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and smart contracts, and it is crucial to understand the risks and potential rewards of investing in cryptocurrencies..
If you decide to get involved in FoxGPT investing, you will also need to understand the FoxGPT project's white paper, team background, tokenomics, and the overall market environment.
The main ways to get involved in FoxGPT investing are by participating in Spot trading or pledging to earn interest. Perpetual and ETF/Leveraged trading are very risky and are not recommended for non-professionals.

You can buy FoxGPT from a cryptocurrency exchange (CEX or DEX) or some cryptocurrency wallets. Usually we choose cryptocurrency exchanges to buy, most exchanges require you to set up an account and verify your identity before buying FoxGPT. Cryptocurrency exchanges that currently support FoxGPT trading include:

There may be errors in the exchanges listed above. Please check the name, logo and contract address before trading to avoid losses.
If there is any error, please feedback to us, our email is Please be aware that buying and selling FoxGPT involves high risks.You should always do your own research and make sure you understand the risks associated with FoxGPT trading before you begin.

According to CoinCarp's tracking data, no crypto exchange yet supports FoxGPT contracts or ETF trading. so you can't short FoxGPT

It is impossible to predict what FoxGPT will be worth in five years. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and can be affected by a variety of factors, such as US dollar policy, government regulations, technological progress, market sentiment, FoxGPT's circulating supply and the development of project ecology. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict the price of FoxGPT 5 years from now.

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  • FoxGPT Price


  • Price Change24h

    $-0.0000004792044 1.96%

  • 24h Low / 24h High

    $0.00002397 / $0.00002748

  • Trading Volume 24h


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  • Market Cap


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  • FoxGPT Price History
  • 7d Low / 7d High

    $0.00002102 / $0.00003585

  • 30d Low / 30d High

    $0.00001384 / $0.000051

  • 90d Low / 90d High

    $0.00001384 / $0.000051

  • 52 Week Low / 52 Week High

    $0.00001384 / $0.001599

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