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Airdrop Tokenomics

The Arbitrum token will put governance power in the hands of the DAO. 12.75% of the $ARB token supply will be airdropped on March 23.

DON’T GET SCAMMED; Airdrop hasn’t begun yet, read below for more details and only follow trusted links.

$ARB Airdrop: Users

The Arbitrum token is majority community owned (~56%). Of that community allocation, 12.75% will be distributed in the Arbitrum Airdrop next Thursday, March 23, based upon data taken on a snapshot on February 6, 2023.

Determining the eligibility criteria for receipt of the airdrop was a complex process. There are hundreds of thousands of weekly users of the Arbitrum platform, and the protocol has been operational for nearly 18 months. There’s a sensitive balance that needs to be struck between (1) making sure to include a wide array of Arbitrum users, (2) ensuring that individual airdrop recipients receive a meaningful distribution, and (3) reserving tokens for future DAO grants.

Over the course of the past many months, The Arbitrum Foundation and Offchain Labs worked closely with Nansen to design eligibility criteria that would fairly distribute the $ARB tokens to a large cross-section of real Arbitrum users. Together, we developed a point system that took into account a variety of metrics of network usage, but also deducted points from users who engaged in sybil-linked usage patterns. Points were awarded for usage on both Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova and early users of Arbitrum One (before Nitro) were given more points for early usage. Any user with three or more points is eligible for the airdrop.

For the sake of transparency, we are publishing not only the full list of airdrop recipients but also the underlying criteria and data set so that users can themselves verify the fairness and correctness of the process. You can find that data here.

$ARB Airdrop: DAOs

While we did our absolute best to include a wide variety of genuine Arbitrum users in the airdrop, invariably some recent or infrequent users were not included in the user airdrop (and indeed discerning between a new user and an airdrop farmer was generally very difficult). To capture these users, we included a second mechanism as well by which we granted tokens to the community: the DAO airdrop.

The ultimate goal is the localization of community governance. While The Arbitrum Foundation can try its best to properly distribute governance, it is impractical to optimize within every subcommunity on Arbitrum (there are many!). Accordingly, only Arbitrum projects with DAO treasuries were eligible. While there are many amazing teams and companies contributing to the ecosystem, the goal here is not to reward projects for their contributions, but to really allow all sub-communities within the Arbitrum ecosystem to have a voice. In putting together this criteria we worked with Nansen and analyzed on-chain data to determine how many tokens each DAO community was granted. In doing so we took into account a variety of qualitative and quantitative metrics including when the protocol launched, whether it was native or multichain, how much TVL, activity, transaction volume, value of transactions it had, as well as the consistency of maintaining those metrics. The goal of using a broad variety of criteria was recognizing that Arbitrum is home to a diversity of projects that have different KPIs and user interactions.

Each protocol knows its community best, and it will be up to the respective DAOs to determine how to distribute governance within their community. It is our hope and intention that by distributing tokens to Arbitrum DAOs, governance power will ultimately be shared with a broader variety of users than just those eligible for the user airdrop.

For newer projects or projects that don’t yet have DAOs or community governance, have no fear. In the coming weeks, The Arbitrum Foundation will announce the details of its grant programs that Arbitrum projects will be able to apply for.

One exception made in the DAO airdrop was including the Protocol Guild, a collective of Ethereum core developers and contributors. Although the Guild is not an Arbitrum project, in consideration of Arbitrum’s fundamental connection to Ethereum and the benefit that Arbitrum and its users get from the tireless work of these contributors, it seemed only appropriate to include them as their voices will be most welcome in Arbitrum governance.

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