Auto-Investment Listed BRC-20 Tokens: ORDI & VMPX Are Supported! Auto-Investment has listed BRC-20 tokens, enabling trading with ORDI and VMPX. You're welcome to experience them: continues tracing market changes and users' needs to adjust and update our currency options timely.

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You can view the new currencies through the following path:Go to the AutoInvestment homepage > Click on "New Investment Plan" > Find "Select Currency."

Gate Auto-Investment:

  • Gate Auto-Investment is a long-term cryptocurrency investment instrument which achieves dollar cost averaging (DCA) by buying a fixed amount of cryptos on a regular basis.

What's DCA?

  • DCA is a long-term cryptocurrency investment instrument that purchases a fixed amount of cryptos on a regular basis. It can help avoid over-investment by buying fewer cryptos when the price goes up, and achieve DCA by buying more cryptos when the price goes down. By using this strategy, it has the ability to reduce the risk caused by market fluctuations.

Pros of Gate Auto-Investment:

  • Own strictly-selected currency options
  • Diversified portfolios
  • Flexible redemption & no lockup
  • Support using Points to pay handling fees

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Gate Learn: What is Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA)?Gate Learn: Investing in Crypto

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