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What is BeFi Wallet?

BeFi Wallet is a Disruptive Innovation Web3.0 Wallet that redefines the Crypto BeFi with a DAO-driven model. BeFi Wallet not only securely keeps your crypto, but also fairly redistributes all the profits generated from wallet services back to BeFi Wallet contributors. BeFi Wallet DAO provides benefits for users of our ecosystem.

Why BeFi Wallet?

  • Truly Open Source
  • Code Protection
  • Institutional Investor
  • DAO-driven

What are the Main Features of BeFi Wallet?

Multi-chain wallet

  • Store and Manage all multi-chain cryptocurrencies.

  • Support ETH, BSC, Polygon, Solana, TrueChain, Pistchain, MAP Protocol.

  • Support cross-chain asset swap.

DApp browser

  • Interact with any DApps.

  • Support a seamless, easy, and secure connection for Dapps on a multi-chain network.

  • Support Asset swap on DEX

NFT & GameFi assets

  • All-in-one FT management Store, collect and manage ERC721 crypto NFTs and Gamefi assets.

  • Support FT records display and provide a unique FT certificate of authenticity.

  • Support Multi-chain FT marketplace

Supported Platforms and Download