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      Belize , 2014-01
      Margin trading
      24h Trading Volume
      511,667 BTC 3.54%
      On-chain balance
      248,630 BTC
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      OKX(OKEx) Trade Volume Charts (24h)

      What is OKX(OKEx)?

      OKX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange based in Belize, with its main operating center in Hong Kong. It is an international company focusing on the development and application of blockchain technology and digital assets

      OKX was established in 2014 and it received millions of dollars in investment from leading companies. Its solid foundation has attracted the world's top technical and business experts, enabling OKX to provide safe, stable and reliable transaction services via the Internet. Today, OKX serves millions of users in more than 100 countries. Its daily average trading volume reached approximately US$6 billion.

      Who is the Founder and CEO of OKX(OKEx)?

      The founder of OKX is Mingxing Xu, also known as Star Xu, while the CEO of OKX is Jay Hao.

      OKX uses blockchain to build a financial ecosystem,with the mission of removing financial barriers, growing the global economy and making the world a better place. It constantly innovat and improve the user experience to make cryptocurrency trading and investing accessible to everyone.

      Can U.S. Citizens Use OKX(OKEx)?

      Unfurtunately, OKX does not provide services to citizens of the United States. Due to local laws, U.S. users can only browse OKX crypto market, but cannot access the products.

      OKX provides services in more than 100 countries worldwide. However, residents of the following countries are restricted from trading with OKX:

      • Hong Kong
      • United States 
      • Cuba
      • North Korea 
      • Iran
      • Crimea 
      • Sudan
      • Malaysia 
      • Syria
      • the USA and its territories 
      • Bangladesh
      • Ecuador 
      • Bolivia
      • Kyrgyzstan 
      • Malta

      How to Deposit and Withdraw on OKX(OKEx)?

      A step-by-step guide to making deposits and withdrawals on OKX, click on the link below for details.

      Is OKX(OKEx) Safe?

      OKX provides a secure, reliable and stable environment for cryptocurrency transactions through the web and mobile applications. It adopts global server load balancing, distributed cluster and other technologies to protect user accounts.

      The superior security of OKX is built on the core private key encryption algorithm and cold wallet technology. The team has advanced privacy encryption technology that supports the features including 2-factor authentication, mobile phone verification code for security settings and withdrawals, and email verification code.

      Although security measures have been implemented by cryptocurrency exchanges, it cannot fully guarantee the security of users' funds. In addition to depositing funds on centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, users can also choose to transfer funds to reputable wallets to reduce risk. However, each method contains certain risks, users need to compare and choose the most appropriate one based on their specific conditions.

      How Can I Contact OKX(OKEx) Customer Support

      Or try these social media to get OKX customer service:

      OKX(OKEx) APP

      OKX(OKEx) Team

      Star Xu
      Star Xu
      Founder and CEO of OK Group

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