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Dear OKX users,

Ethereum is expected to undergo an upgrade (the Merge) in Q3 and Q4 2022, when the current Ethereum Mainnet will be merged into the Beacon Chain, thus introducing proof-of-stake (PoS) to the Ethereum ecosystem. During the Merge, Ethereum fork tokens might be created.

OKX will support Ethereum's upgrade and will not suspend ETH trading and transactions before or during the upgrade. Any changes to the plan will be communicated via OKX official announcements. After the Merge, your current ETH assets on OKX, including ETH spot trading pairs, will remain as ETH assets on the upgraded PoS Ethereum chain. ETH perpetual swaps, futures, and options will track the price of ETH tokens on the PoS Ethereum chain.

In the event of a hard fork and new forked tokens, OKX will evaluate and support the airdrop and withdrawal of forked tokens. Announcements on wallet upgrades, asset snapshots, airdrop rules, and possible adjustments to the trading rules of certain products will follow.

Please note: If a new forked token is generated, it will have to be reviewed by OKX before it can be listed, as does any other crypto. It will be available for trading and transactions after it passes the review. If it does pass the review, you will be informed so in another announcement.

Risk warning

During the Ethereum upgrade, the market may experience frequent or extreme price fluctuations. Please closely monitor the time of the Merge and manage your positions in advance to control your risks.



August 11, 2022 (UTC)

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