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Illuvium Price (ILV)


0.002854 BTC


Market Cap


10,752 BTC
Fully Diluted Market Cap


28,540 BTC
Volume 24h


315.78 BTC
Circulating Supply

3,767,377 ILV

Max Supply

10,000,000 ILV

Total Supply

7,911,674 ILV

Website, Explorers, Whitepaper
DAO GameFi
Illuvium's Logo Illuvium ILV

Illuvium (ILV) Chart


Illuvium (ILV) Return On Investment(ROI)

0.25% 1 H
1.12% 24 H
-0.17% 7 D
124.32% 1 Month
104.85% 6 Month
166.73% 1 Year
Mineable No
Issue Price $62.86

Illuvium (ILV) Price Now

Illuvium price today is $112.56 with a 24-hour trading volume of $12,454,166. ILV price is up 1.12% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 3.77Mil ILV tokens and a max supply of 10Mil.
In order to search for real-time and historical information about Illuvium (ILV) blockchain, including data related to blocks, transactions, addresses, and more, you may use Illuvium (ILV) block explorers. Here are some of the most popular and useful Illuvium (ILV) blockchain explorers out there:

What is Illuvium(ILV)?

Illuvium(ILV) is an open-world RPG adventure game built on the Ethereum Blockchain. They described the game as "a journey across a vast and varied landscape on your quest to hunt and capture deity-like creatures called Illuvials, to discover the cause of the cataclysm that shattered this land". It is positioned to be the first blockchain-based AAA gaming title offering high-fidelity graphics and addictive gameplay. Illuvium utilizes staking mechanics similar to Compound protocol whereby users can stake collateral and receive governance tokens and weekly distributions as a reward. Featuring fully decentralized mechanics and deflationary aspects, the game has been engineered from the ground up to increase the value of the underlying coin. Stakeholders receive a weekly distribution and vote on everything from the cost of transactions in the world to the features of the illuvials themselves.

The genesis of Illuvium was a desire to make a collectible NFT game that was open, transparent and governed by the community.

The game anticipated release date for the Open Beta is in late Q3 or Q4 2021.

What are the Features of Illuvium(ILV) Token?

Actually, two tokens drive the action and, quite literally, the game-play in the Illuvium universe and economy. $sILV is a Synthetic ILV token and can be used as in-game currency for things like enhancements, skins, and emotes. It can be earned by staking $ILV in the protocol.

The $ILV token is used for governance (meaning anyone holding the token can vote on proposals that improve the game), yield (staking ILV gives access to yield farming pools), and distributions (as players spend ETH in the game those tokens are used to buy more ILV on the market and distribute them to the staked token holders).

Illuvium leverages the Ethereum layer-2 scaling solution Immutable X to significantly reduce the gas fees required to transact NFTs. Like other popular GameFi titles, gamers take full ownership of their Illuvials and can trade the NFTs on secondary markets, including the project's gas-less IlluviDEX.

Who Are the Founders of Illuvium(ILV)?

Illuvium team is a decentralized gaming studio that combines online gaming with cryptocurrency. They are a rapidly growing multinational organization of over 75 people, dedicated to bringing in the best and most promising professionals.

  • Kieran Warwick — Co-Founder, Kieran is a proven serial entrepreneur. Working alongside his brother Kain Warwick in e-commerce, Kieran was exposed to Bitcoin and Ethereum early on.
  • Aaron Warwick — Co-Founder and Game Designer,while studying Computer Engineering and Physics at the University of Wollongong in Australia, Aaron found himself obsessed with building and programming games.

How to Yield Farm Illuvium(ILV)?

You can yield farm ILV in 2 main pools. ILV/ETH at a 1:1 ratio USD values matched or ILV Only. 3 Million tokens will be distributed through yield farming over a 3 year period, with the first year being 1.8million tokens. Only unlocked tokens can yield farm, which is less than 1 million tokens. Meaning, you get the maximum rewards possible. You can lock up your tokens for a maximum of 1 year which can increase your weight in the pool up to 2x.

More details will be published before Yield Farming goes live near the end of June. Until then, you can find more information here.

Where Can You Buy Illuvium(ILV) Token?

You may purchase the ILV token using the following DEXs:

To add the ILV token to your MetaMask wallet go to CoinGecko and verify the the ILV contract address (0x767fe9edc9e0df98e07454847909b5e959d7ca0e). Open your MetaMask wallet, scroll down to add new token. Click custom token, paste the contract address there and confirm.

  • OKEx is pleased to announce the listing of ILV — the native asset of Illuvium — on spot trading markets.

Trading of ILV will start according to the following schedule:

  1. ILV deposits open at 3:00 am UTC on September 7.
  2. Spot trading for ILV/USDT opens at 9:00 am UTC on September 7. 
  3. ILV withdrawals open at 10:00 am UTC on September 9.

Total Supply: 7,000,000

Circulating Supply: 634,776

Illuvium (ILV) Community

What is Illuvium (ILV) Contracts address?

Illuvium FAQ

The current Illuvium usd price is $112.56. We update the Illuvium USD price in real time. Get live prices of Illuvium on different cryptocurrency exchanges around the world on Coincarp.

It depends on your personal risk tolerance and investment goals. Illuvium is a cryptocurrency that is highly volatile and therefore may not be suitable for all investors. Before investing, please do your own research about cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges, and smart contracts, and it is crucial to understand the risks and potential rewards of investing in cryptocurrencies..
If you decide to get involved in Illuvium investing, you will also need to understand the Illuvium project's white paper, team background, tokenomics, and the overall market environment.
The main ways to get involved in Illuvium investing are by participating in Spot, Perpetual, ETF/Leveraged trading or pledging to earn interest. Perpetual and ETF/Leveraged trading are very risky and are not recommended for non-professionals.

You can buy Illuvium from a cryptocurrency exchange (CEX or DEX) or some cryptocurrency wallets. Usually we choose cryptocurrency exchanges to buy, most exchanges require you to set up an account and verify your identity before buying Illuvium. Cryptocurrency exchanges that currently support Illuvium trading include:

There may be errors in the exchanges listed above. Please check the name, logo and contract address before trading to avoid losses.
If there is any error, please feedback to us, our email is Please be aware that buying and selling Illuvium involves high risks.You should always do your own research and make sure you understand the risks associated with Illuvium trading before you begin.

The easiest way to short Illuvium is through margin trading, usually with Perpetual contracts, Futures contracts, ETF/Leveraged. Only a few cryptocurrency trading platforms allows short selling due to the considerable risk involved in this type of trading.
To start shorting Illuvium, open a margin account, provide some collateral for your short position, borrow some coins from the trading platform, and start short selling. Keep in mind that shorting Illuvium or any other cryptocurrency is high-risk. Exchanges that currently support shorting Illuvium are:

It is impossible to predict what Illuvium will be worth in five years. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and can be affected by a variety of factors, such as US dollar policy, government regulations, technological progress, market sentiment, Illuvium's circulating supply and the development of project ecology. Therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict the price of Illuvium 5 years from now.

Illuvium's Logo
Illuvium ILV
USD US Dollar
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  • Illuvium Price Today
  • Illuvium Price


  • Price Change24h

    $1.25 1.12%

  • 24h Low / 24h High

    $110.01 / $115.74

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  • Market Cap


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  • 7d Low / 7d High

    $104.91 / $122.44

  • 30d Low / 30d High

    $49.86 / $122.44

  • 90d Low / 90d High

    $37.97 / $122.44

  • 52 Week Low / 52 Week High

    $37.97 / $122.44

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