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About ABC Wallet

ABC Wallet is an crypto wallet released by AhnLab Blockchain Company (ABC), a blockchain subsidiary of South Korean antivirus software company AhnLab, which is only suitable for mobile devices.

ABC Wallet is characterized by enhanced security and convenience by introducing 'Secure MPC' technology. In the case of the existing 'mnemonic key' method, there was a risk that an individual could hand over control of the wallet to an attacker, which was difficult to recover if the key was leaked and management burden such as memorizing complex phrases.

Why ABC Wallet?

  • Key Recovery Service - With simple authentication, recovering private key is safe and easy through multi-party consensus algorithm, which protects wallet from security threats.
  • Safe and Smart - ABC Wallet blocks attempts to transfer wallets involved in fraud or threating transactions and warns users when connecting suspicious or unreliable dApps.
  • Multi-Platform - Supporting not only Layer 1 platforms but also continously expending to Layer 2 for a meaningful contribution to healthy and stable blockchain ecosystem.

What can I do with the virtual assets I have in my wallet?

  1. Buy NFT from OpenSea with Ethereum and use membership service
  2. Earn interest with Defi service in Clayswap with Klaytn
  3. Connect your wallet to Decentraland and enjoy the metaverse environment.

ABC Wallet App Download

ABC Wallet app for Apple App Store(IOS): CLICK HERE

ABC Wallet app for Google Play(Android): CLICK HERE