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About iToken Wallet

iToken Wallet is a professional multi-currency wallet. It guarantees the asset security of global digital currency users from multiple dimensions and provides simple, convenient, safe, and reliable digital assets. Management services.

iToken Wallet Main Features

  • Users have full control over their assets since they manage their own private keys.
  • Support multiple patents for data security, such as security isolation and data encryption.
  • Support multi-signature, multiple people jointly manage digital assets.
  • Just takes one click to add and manage digital assets.
  • Easy to manage multiple group addresses.
  • One-click exchange is simple and easy to use.

iToken Wallet Supported Coins


iToken Wallet Fees

Maker: 0.2%

Taker: 0.2%

How To Use iToken Wallet ?

To transfer funds in the iToken Wallet, please follow the steps below:

We will use ETH for the following example.

1. Tap "ETH" on the "Balances" page to enter the "Currency Details" page for ETH. Tap "Transfer" to enter the "ETH Transfer" page.

2. You can paste or manually enter the ETH deposit address (please check the deposit address repeatedly) or directly scan the QR code of your ETH deposit address using "Scan QR Code".

Enter the transfer amount and select the appropriate miner's fee (the system will give you a recommended value). Please note that the lower the miner's fee is, the slower the transfer will be and vice versa.

3. Tap "Confirm", enter your security password and then tap "Confirm" again.

4. You will be redirected to "Transferring" page, where you can view the transfer progress and wait for its completion.

5. If assets are transferred successfully, the "Successfully Transferred" page will be shown.

If assets fail to be transferred, the "Transaction Failure" page and the "Failed to transfer out. Please try again" reminder will be shown. You may reset items on the Transfer Page and initiate the transfer again.

To receive funds in the iToken Wallet, please follow the steps below:

1. Tap "ETH" on the "Balances" page to enter the "Currency Details" page for ETH. Tap "Receive" to go to the "Receive ETH" page.

2. You can copy the receipt address by tapping "Copy" or share the QR code of receipt address by tapping "Share Address".

3. You can also view the details of each receipt in "ETH Transaction History".

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