Livepeer Token Price (LPT)


0.000301 BTC


Market Cap


8,187 BTC
Fully Diluted Market Cap


7,506 BTC
Volume 24h


311.21 BTC
Circulating Supply

27,177,433 LPT

Max Supply
Total Supply

24,918,514 LPT

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Livepeer Token (LPT) Chart


Livepeer Token (LPT) Return On Investment(ROI)

-1.04% 1 H
-5.78% 24 H
-8.33% 7 D
52.96% 1 Month
-40.79% 6 Month
-74.06% 1 Year
Mineable Yes
Issue Price --

Livepeer Token (LPT) Price Now

Livepeer Token price today is $6.93 with a 24-hour trading volume of $7,159,422. LPT price is down -5.78% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 27.18Mil LPT tokens and a total supply of 24.92Mil. In order to explore addresses and transactions, you may use block explorers such as

What Is Livepeer Token(LPT)?

The Livepeer project aims to deliver a live video streaming network protocol that is fully decentralized, highly scalable, crypto token incentivized, and results in a solution that can serve as the live media layer in the decentralized development (web3) stack. In addition, Livepeer is meant to provide an economically efficient alternative to centralized broadcasting solutions for any existing broadcaster.

What Are the Features of Livepeer Token(LPT)?

At the highest level, the Livepeer protocol is designed to:

  • Allow any node to send a live video into the network, and optionally pay to have it transcoded into various formats and bitrates.
  • Allow any node to request the video from the network. 
  • Allow participants to contribute their processing power and bandwidth in service of transcoding and distribution of video, and to be compensated accordingly.

The Livepeer protocol is designed to address both the verification of work and the prevention of fake work, while also offering solutions for automatic scalability of the network and baked in governance for protocol evolution over time.

Who Are the Founders of Livepeer Token(LPT)?

In 2017, the founders of the Livepeer project formed a company called Livepeer, Inc. to help facilitate its early development, bootstrap the network's supply and demand sides, and guide the project’s path to decentralization.

  • Doug Petkanics, Founder, CEO
  • Eric Tang, Founder, CTO

What Is Livepeer Token(LPT)?

The Livepeer Token (LPT) is the protocol token of the Livepeer network. But it is not the medium of exchange token. Broadcasters use Ethereum's Ether (ETH) to broadcast video on the network. Nodes who contribute processing and bandwidth earn ETH in the form of fees from broadcasters. LPT is a staking token that participants who want to perform work on the network stake in order to coordinate how work gets distributed on the network, and to provide security that the work will get done honestly and correctly. LPT has the following purposes:

  • It serves as a bonding mechanism in a delegated proof of stake system, in which stake is delegated towards transcoders (or validators) who participate in the protocol to transcode video and validate work. The token, and potential slashing that occurs due to protocol violation, is necessary in order to secure the network against a number of attacks. More below.
  • It routes work through the network in proportion to the amount of staked and delegated token, essentially serving as a coordination mechanism. 
  • It is a unit of account that is specific to the Livepeer ecosystem, which forms the basis of a SectorCoin concept, applicable to additional functionality to be introduced in the future. Services such as DVR, closed captioning, ad insertion/monetization, and analytics can all plug into the Livepeer ecosystem and potentially make use of the security provided by staking LPT.

An initial allocation of Livepeer Token will be distributed so that stakeholders can fulfill various roles in, and use the network, and then the additional token will be issued according to algorithmically programmed issuance over time.

Following the conventions of Ethereum and many popular ERC20 tokens, LPT will be divisible by 10 ^ 18, with larger denominations such as the LPT itself intended to be used for user-level transactions such as staking, and smaller denominations intended to be used for protocol accounting.

LPT Coin Distribution

As a token that represents the ability to participate and perform work in the network through a DPoS staking algorithm, the initial Livepeer token distribution will follow the patterns of other DPoS systems which require a widely distributed genesis state.

An initial allocation of the token will be distributed to the community at genesis and over the early stages of the network. Receipients can use it to stake into the role of Transcoder or Delegator. A portion will be allocated to groups who contributed prior work and money towards the protocol before the genesis, and a portion will be endowed for the long term development of the core project.

At the launch of the network, token issuance will continue according to an inflationary schedule with token being generated at InflationRate per round relative to the outstanding float of token. As token is issued in proportion to stake of all bonded participants in the protocol, it serves to incentivize active participation. Participants are "protected" from this inflation, due to earning their proportional share. It is only inactive participants who are sitting on token without bonding it for participation, who will see their proportional network ownership dilluted by this inflation.

The initial target for InflationRate will be set such that it aims to incentivize approximately ParticipationRate of the LPT to be bonded and actively participating. For example, if ParticipationRate is 50% then incentives will exist to have half the oustanding token bonded. The inflation rate will move algorithmically each round to incent the participation target. A higher inflation rate would incent more token to be bonded, and a lower rate would lead to more people choosing liquidity rather than participation. It's this liquidity preference vs network ownership percentage tradeoff which should find equilibrium due to a number of economic factors in the network.

Where Can You Buy Livepeer Token(LPT)?

Investing in Livepeer Token can seem complicated, but it is much easier when you buy Livepeer Token through cryptocurrency exchange. Signing up for a cryptocurrency exchange will allow you to buy, sell, and hold Livepeer Token — both for fiat money and other cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular Livepeer Token cryptocurrency exchange are:

Livepeer Token (LPT) Community

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