Tiền ảo: 28,064 Trao đổi: 643 Vốn hóa thị trường: $2,438.04B Khối lượng trong vòng 24 giờ: $109.76B Tỷ lệ thống trị: BTC 49.8% ETH 17.1% Phí gas trên ETH: 46Gwei
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      Frequently Asked

      What Is Market Capitalization and how is it calculated?

      Cryptocurrency market capitalization (cryptocurrency market cap) is the total value of a certain digital asset (coin or token) that has been issued.

      To calculate market capitalization for a given cryptocurrency, the current cryptocurrency price is multiplied by its circulating supply. The general formula is as follows:

      Market Cap = Market Price × Circulating Supply

      What Is Total Crypto Market Cap?

      The total market cap is the sum of the market capitalizations of all cryptocurrencies that are active in the crypto market (in circulation).

      How Is the Price of a Cryptocurrency Calculated?

      The price of a cryptocurrency is calculated by taking the unconverted price directly from the crypto exchanges and converting it into US dollars or another available currency (BTC, ETH). The calculated data updates every  several seconds.

      What Is Volume in Cryptocurrency?

      Сryptocurrency volume is the amount of a given cryptocurrency traded throughout a particular time period. The current trade volume in a base and quote currency is calculated for the last 24 hours for each pair on all exchanges and converted to USD using CoinCarp's prices.

      The volume of an asset reveals its popularity among traders and can be measured in the base currency of your choice.

      How to Calculate Change?

      24-hour change is calculated by taking the current price of a cryptocurrency in a chosen base currency and comparing it with the price that this cryptocurrency was registering 24 hours ago.

      What Is Circulating Supply?

      Circulating supply reflects the number of coins or tokens that are active on the crypto market and available at the moment. It affects the market capitalization of crypto, as market cap is calculated by multiplying a coin’s price and circulating supply. This metric specifies the size of cryptocurrency. Knowing  Circulating supply  can help you in the analysis, experienced traders may make conclusions about the value and liquidity of the currency on the market.

      What Is the Total Supply?

      The total supply is the amount of cryptocurrency that has already been created, mined or issued at the moment. The total supply includes pre-mined, locked, and lost coins. However, it does not include burnt coins.

      As a rule, the total supply of a cryptocurrency can be higher or equal to the circulating one. Also, note that the total supply is not the same as the max supply of a cryptocurrency. The total supply does not reflect the number of coins that will be created in the future.

      What Is the Maximum Supply?

      The maximum supply (max supply) is the largest amount of coins that will ever exist for a particular cryptocurrency.