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      PrimusChain mainnet

      About PrimusChain mainnet(PC)

      PrimusChain mainnet(PC) RPC

      PrimusChain mainnet(PC) & MetaMask: How To Add PrimusChain mainnet(PC) To MetaMask

      MetaMask is one of the most popular software wallets that is available to crypto users across the world.

      Here are the four easy steps to connect MetaMask to PrimusChain mainnet(PC).

      • Step 1: MetaMask Installation & Wallet Creation
      • Step 2: Wallet Configuration
      • Step 3: PrimusChain mainnet(PC) Network
      • Step 4: Import Tokens to Your Wallet

      Step 1: MetaMask Installation & Wallet Creation

      If you do not own a wallet, the first thing that needs to be done is to download and install the Chrome extension of MetaMask.

      • Open Chrome and visit the official Metamask website and click "Download Now"
      • On the download page, select "Install MetaMask on Chrome"
      • After installation, you'll be asked if you're "New to MetaMask?" along with several options like "Import Wallet" and "Create A Wallet"
      • If it's the first time you're using MetaMask, click on "Create A Wallet", or else, click on "Import Wallet" for your secret recovery phrase.
      • On selecting the former, you'll get a recovery phrase that can be used to get access to your MetaMask wallet. The verification of this recovery phrase will be the last step to wallet creation.

      Step 2: Wallet Configuration

      As mentioned earlier, MetaMask is used to connect with the Ethereum blockchain. But to connect MetaMask to the PrimusChain mainnet(PC) DApps, certain settings need to be changed so that the wallet is focused on the nodes of the PrimusChain mainnet(PC) network.

      • On the Settings page, select "Network"
      • To add PrimusChain mainnet(PC) manually, click "Add Network" in the upper-right corner. 

      Step 3: PrimusChain mainnet(PC)

      • Finally, you'll notice the PETH icon alongside your PETH balance.
      • The "PrimusChain mainnet(PC)" dropdown menu will be displayed in the upper-right corner.

      Thus, you've connected MetaMask to PrimusChain mainnet(PC).

      When you want to set it back to the Ethereum network, just select the "PrimusChain mainnet(PC)" option and select "Ethereum Mainnet".

      Step 4: Import Tokens to Your Wallet

      Now that we've learned how to add PrimusChain mainnet(PC) to MetaMask, , it's time to import tokens to your wallet.

      • Get the contract address of the token and copy it.
      • Once you click on the address, you'll automatically be redirected to the PrimusChain mainnet explorer page and copy the contact address there.
      • Once again open MetaMask and click on "Add Token"
      • Paste the copied contract address in your MetaMask and select "Next"
      • Complete the process by selecting "Add Token"

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