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      FAVOR token are being migrated to FAVR token

      The rebranding brings about two major changes:

      Tokenomics change

      FAVOR was designed and issued as a ‘utility token for the NFT ecosystem’ that can be used in various industries based on the technical value of NFT. The FAVOR team recognized that FAVOR tokenomics was focused only on a specific NFT, and decided to change it in a way that affects the entire FAVOR Alliance. Also, there is a change in the token vesting schedule according to the change in tokenomics. We will inform you of the changed vesting schedule with additional details.

      Favor Station, Xclusive,Favorlet CONNECTWALLET using FAVOR as utility token will automatically update Favor to FAVR.

      • Compensation for the Favor LP pool has ended, and FAVR is supported for CEX Bitget and MEXC. (To encourage FAVR migration and focus on CEX.)
      • Users can deposit Favor to CEX before July 6th (Thu) or swap to FAVR through the migration function of Favor Station after the 3rd week of July.

      Token migration

      The migration from Favor (old token) to FAVR (new token) will take place on CEX on Thursday, July 6, 2023.

      supported exchange

      MEXC, Bitget

      Token Migration in Favor Station will be released on the 3rd week of July, 2023. This allows users to swap Favor tokens (old tokens) for FAVR tokens (new tokens).

      • The initial supply of FAVR tokens is 44,150,000. The maximum token supply is 300,000,000.
      • Favor tokens (old tokens) are exchanged 1:1 with FAVR (new tokens) through the migration page.
      • There is no creation/issuance function for FAVR tokens. (Thus, the way to get FAVR is token migration and staking of Favor Alliance NFTs.)

      Migration Support Period

      • July 6th 2023 to July 19th 2024

      The migration will take place for one year from the start

      FAVR contract address

      The FAVR token contract address is as follows. (You can add tokens to your decentralized wallet)


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