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      WSG Token Migration

      In the transformative journey of the WSG token migration, understanding the swap ratio is pivotal for all stakeholders involved. This article aims to demystify the swap ratio applied in the migration process, ensuring clarity and transparency for our community members.

      The Essence of the Swap Ratio

      The swap ratio mentioned in our previous communications refers to the reduction in the total supply of the WSG token, transitioning from a staggering 1000 trillion (T) to a more manageable and market-friendly 500 million (M). This adjustment is a strategic move to enhance the token's marketability and value proposition.

      User-Centric Swap Ratio: 1:3612287.00367538

      For our users, the swap ratio has been meticulously calculated at 1:3612287.00367538. This ratio is derived from the comprehensive evaluation of the total amount of tokens entering the migration process. This includes:

      • Tokens directly transferred to us by users
      • Tokens in our locked staking pools
      • Tokens previously held on the MEXC exchange

      Collectively, these tokens amounted to approximately 270 trillion (T), necessitating a conversion into the new token's allocated supply for the airdrop, set at 75 million (M). This newly defined supply will constitute the circulating supply outside of the liquidity tokens designated for our upcoming Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on Arbitrum.

      TOTAL (OLD) WSG = 270,921,525,275,653.00
      AIRDROP (NEW) WSG = 75,000,000.00RATIO = 1:3612287.00367538 (NEW:OLD)

      Equity and Fairness in the Migration

      It's crucial to highlight that this swap ratio ensures all migrating holders retain the same percentage of the circulating supply post-migration. This equitable approach underscores our commitment to fairness, ensuring no disparity among users participating in the migration.

      Price Versus Value in the Swap Ratio

      Understanding the distinction between the swap ratio and the token’s price is essential. The swap ratio does not correlate with the token's market price. Instead, the valuation for the swap is meticulously calculated to preserve the use value of a user's holdings, pre- and post-migration. This method guarantees that the intrinsic value of investments remains consistent, safeguarding our community's assets through this transition.

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