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      aelf(ELF) V1.9.0 Upgrade

      https://s1.coincarp.com/logo/1/aelf.png?style=36's logo aelf(ELF)
      Phóng thích

      Major Upgrade Alert! aelf's v1.9.0 upgrade is scheduled for May 23, 2024, at 10:00 GMT. The upgrade is estimated to happen at the block height of around 212193783 on the MainChain and 200310358 on the SideChain.

      Key benefits include:

      • Enhanced code checks & customisation
      • Expanded regex functions for contracts
      • Case-insensitive token symbols
      • Batch approvals & more!

      Below are the details of this upgrade:

      1. Fix the issue of Code Check reporting errors during parallel execution.
      2. Modify the default expiration time for Code Check proposals and support customising this time.
      3. Support the use of regular expression-related functionalities when writing the aelf contract.
      4. The symbol of tokens created through the MultiToken contract will be case-insensitive.
      5. Modify the prefix name of Connector in the Token Converter contract.
      6. The MultiToken contract will allow batch approval.
      7. Support nodes in storing and querying failed execution transaction results.
      8. Support setting the alias for the NFT item.

      Once aelf v1.9.0 is released, all block producers and full nodes will need to upgrade to the latest version or its mirror.

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