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      Arrow Markets(ARROW) Startup Free Offering on Gate.io


      This Arrow Markets(ARROW) will only be available for GT subscriptions. Please be aware that the participation users' funds will not be deducted at the end of this Arrow Markets(ARROW) Subscription.

      Introduction to Arrow Markets(ARROW) :

      Arrow Markets is a hybrid Web3 options platform that uses a sophisticated Request-for-Execution (RFE) system. This system includes an incentive program for market makers and an API, enabling them to seamlessly provide quotes for option contracts on a wide range of underlying assets.

      For beginner traders, Arrow Markets offers a simplified "Lite Mode" that makes executing complex options strategies straightforward with just a few clicks. Meanwhile, advanced traders can utilize "Pro Mode," which includes a traditional options chain view for in-depth

      analysis and execution.

      Arrow Markets is the ideal solution for retail options traders, offering competitive pricing, extensive portfolio management tools, insights into trading strategies, and educational resources. It provides a polished product that rivals centralized exchanges, complemented by a vibrant ecosystem fostering growth and a social community.

      With strong funding partners and a rapidly growing community, Arrow Markets is positioned as a trailblazer, bridging simplicity and sophistication in decentralized options trading.

      (The information below is provided by the Arrow Markets(ARROW) team. Please follow the website for more information)

      Token Information

      1. Token name: Arrow Markets
      2. Token symbol: ARROW
      3. Max Supply:72.000.000 ARROW
      4. Token Type: AVAX C-Chain
      5. Token Contract: 0x5c5e384Bd4e36724B2562cCAA582aFd125277C9B
      6. Token Distribution and Unlocked Rules:

      Foundation/Treasury: 21.63334%

      3 month cliff, vest over 5 years; not to exceed 6% in any given year

      Founders: 15%

      1 year cliff, linear quarterly vest over 3 years.

      Staking Rewards and Community Rewards: 33%

      Vest over 10 years; not to exceed 8% of total supply in any calendar year

      Seed sale ($15MM FDV) : 9.5%

      1 year cliff linear, monthly vest over 1.5 years

      Private Sale A ($75MM FDV) : 4.9%

      2 year cliff, linear monthly vest over 1 year.

      Private Sale B ($75MM FDV): 0.33333%

      1 year cliff, linear monthly vest over 1 year

      IDO sales: 2%

      TGE: 25%, weekly vest over 4 months

      Pre-IDO sale ($80MM FDV): 2.5%

      2 month cliff, 16 month vest. Any unallocated amount will revert to the treasury, strategic, or marketing categories.

      Liquidity Provision: 10%

      TGE 50%, remainder contingent upon additional listings

      Strategic allocation: 0.13333%

      18 month vest

      Initial Marketing: 1%

      TGE: 10%, 6 month vest

      Website: https://www.arrow.markets/

      Whitepaper: https://docs.arrow.markets/arrow-markets/welcome/about-arrow-markets

      Token Information:


      Arrow Markets(ARROW) Startup Sale Rules

      (1) Duration: 07:00 AM on March 20th - 07:00 AM on March 22nd (UTC), 2024 (Orders placed by qualified users within these 48 hours will be treated equally.)

      (2) Trading starts time: 11:00 AM on May 22nd (UTC), 2024

      Trading pair: ARROW/USDT

      (3) Subscription Token: GT

      (4) Subscription Price: $0 GT

      (5) Subscription Total: 3.750GT

      (6) Startup Total Supply: 86.455 ARROW

      (7) Unlock rule: 100% Unlock

      (8) Participation Requirement:

      1.Users participating in the GT Holder-Exclusive Airdrop will no longer be required to have an average GT holding of not less than 10 GT in the past 14 days. Holding 10 GT when participating will be eligible.

      2.Your asset balance will be detected during token distribution. Please ensure your asset balance of not less than 10 GT, otherwise, it may result in subscription failure.

      3.The available shares of each project vary for different projects. Please refer to the project announcement or the available shares when participating.

      Participate in Startup now: https://www.gate.io/startup

      (9) Announcement of results: After the end of the day's subscription, the system will count all eligible subscription orders.

      Please Note: Multiple accounts with the same KYC information when claiming Startup shares will be deemed as cheating behavior, and any cheating behavior is prohibited. In case of cheating, Gate.io reserves the right to disqualify the users involved and forfeit their rewards.

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