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      Card Lore(CARDL) New Listing on MEXC Global

      https://s1.coincarp.com/logo/1/cardlore.png?style=36&v=1718414400's logo Card Lore(CARDL)
      Danh sách

      According to MEXC Global's official announcement, Card Lore (CARDL) is soon going to be listed on the MEXC Global cryptoc exchange.

      Card Lore Listing Schedule

      • Trading: 2024-06-15 10:00 (UTC)
      • Deposits: Opened
      • Withdrawals: 2024-06-16 10:00 (UTC)

      About Card Lore

      The story follows a young card enthusiast named Alex, who embarks on a quest to uncover the secrets of the legendary Card Lore — a fabled tome said to contain the ultimate knowledge of card crafting and mastery. With the guidance of an enigmatic mentor, Alex sets out on a journey across the mystical lands, encountering formidable challenges and adversaries along the way.

      Card Lore Token Distribution

      • Players rewards: 5% (1,050,000,000,000 CARDL)
      • CEX: 10% (2,100,000,000,000 CARDL)
      • Presale: 40% (8,400,000,000,000 CARDL)
      • Team: 5% (1,050,000,000,000 CARDL)
      • Liquidity pool: 20% (4,200,000,000,000 CARDL)
      • Staking rewards: 20% (4,200,000,000,000 CARDL)

      Further Information on Card Lore

      For comprehensive insights and strategies on Card Lore (CARDL) trading, delve into our detailed guide at Card Lore Price Overview

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