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      Gains Network(GNS) V8 Update

      Phóng thích

      The gTrade team remains dedicated to continuous development, with our v8 update set to launch in under 2 weeks and v9 shortly thereafter. These updates will bring exciting advancements to our platform, including:

      • Smart Contract Trading, empowering other protocols to build products and strategies atop gTrade as we actively engage with more ecosystem partners.
      • Implementation of Diamond Pattern for faster updates, facilitating more efficient onboarding of new collateral types and trading pair listings.
      • Other enhanced features such as gas optimization, a single 1CT delegation for all collaterals, and more.

      Overall, gTrade is committed to continuously improving UI/UX, expanding our capabilities to attract users to the Arbitrum ecosystem, forging partnerships with other protocols, and collectively stimulating greater user activity in the ecosystem

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