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      hiGAZERS(HIGAZERS) New Listing on Kucoin! World Premiere!

      Danh sách

      KuCoin is extremely proud to announce a new NFT ETF coming to our trading platform — HIGAZERS, powered by the Fracton Protocol. hiGAZERS(HIGAZERS) is now available on KuCoin. The trading pair HIGAZERS/USDT will be supported.

      Note: hiGAZERS is an ERC-20 token representing 1/1,000,000 ownership of a Gazers in the Meta-Swap pool of Fracton Protocol.

      Please take note of the following schedule:

      1. Deposits Effective Immediately (Supported Network: ERC20)
      2. Trading: 12:00 on November 24, 2022 (UTC)
      3. Withdrawals: 10:00 on November 25, 2022 (UTC)

      Tags: NFT ETF, Blue-Chip NFT

      Initial Total Supply: 3,000,000 hiGAZERS

      About Fracton Protocol

      Fracton Protocol is an NFT liquidity infrastructure with a two-step fractionalization (ERC721-ERC1155-ERC20), and it provides permissionless liquidity and oracle for all kinds of NFTs. Based on a deeply reformed ERC1155 middle layer standard, Fracton is building a non-status smart contract system to increase the protocol’s efficiency, lower gas fees, and maximize asset security.





      Official website:https://www.fracton.cool/

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