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      Layer One X(L1X) New Listing on LBank

      https://s1.coincarp.com/logo/1/layer-one-x.png?style=36&v=1716448430's logo Layer One X(L1X)
      Danh sách

      According to LBank's official announcement, Layer One X (L1X) is soon going to be listed on the LBank cryptoc exchange.

      Layer One X Listing Schedule

      • Trading Pair: L1X/USDT
      • Trading Zone: Innovation Zone
      • Start Deposit: 06:00 on May 24, 2024 (UTC)
      • Start Trading: 14:00 on May 28, 2024 (UTC)
      • Start Withdrawal: 14:00 on May 28, 2024 (UTC)

      About Layer One X

      Layer One X is a fully decentralized layer one blockchain. It revolutionizes existing blockchain technology through its proprietary bridgeless, decentralized interoperability technology and infrastructure. The L1X blockchain allows you to move assets, NFTs, data, and smart contract logic effortlessly across EVM and non-EVM chains—making your crypto experience faster, cheaper, and more secure. Layer One X truly empowers the vision of a united Web3 by seamlessly uniting people, projects, and chains. L1X offers many never-before-seen blockchain tech built to enhance the crypto experience in: Bridgeless Interoperability True Decentralisation Scalability Infrastructure Enhanced Security Founded in Perth, Australia, Layer One X was built with collaboration from researchers and leaders at the University of Western Australia. The L1X blockchain has quickly become the known leader for pushing crypto toward Web3's full potential! What Bitcoin did for payments, Layer One X does for data.

      Further Information on Layer One X

      For comprehensive insights and strategies on Layer One X (L1X) trading, delve into our detailed guide at Layer One X Price Overview

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