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      MetaGods(MGOD) New Listing on MEXC

      Danh sách

      MEXC will list MetaGods (MGOD) in the Assessment Zone and open trading for the MGOD/USDT trading pair. The specific timeline is shown below.

      • Deposit & Withdrawal: Opened
      • MGOD/USDT Trading: 2021-12-16 12:00 (UTC)

      *Note: Prices may fluctuate greatly for projects listed in the Assessment Zone, please be cautious and be aware of hidden risks of delisting.

      Project Info

      (This information is sourced from the internet. Strictly for references only.)

      Project Name: MetaGods (MGOD)

      Total Supply: 500,000,000 MGOD

      Official Website: https://metagods.gg/

      Block Explorer: TBA

      Twitter: https://twitter.com/PlayMetaGods

      Telegram: https://t.me/MetaGods

      Discord: https://discord.com/invite/playmetagods

      Medium: https://medium.com/@PlayMetaGods

      Project Brief Introduction:

      MetaGods is the next generation of play-to-earn action Massively Multiplayer Online RPG. Earn epic NFT loot by exploring dungeons and slaying mythical monsters. Bring along your friends from any Metaverse and earn even more rewards.

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      X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord  | Reddit

      Tải xuống ứng dụng CoinCarp ngay bây giờ: https://www.coincarp.com/app/

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