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      NuCoin(NUC) New Listing on LBank

      https://s1.coincarp.com/logo/1/nucoin.png?style=36's logo NuCoin(NUC)
      Danh sách

      NUC (Nucoin) will be listed on LBank at 12:00 on May 1. 2024 (UTC). The details are as follows:

      • Trading Pair: NUC/USDT
      • Trading Zone: Innovation Zone
      • Start Deposit: 12:00 on April 30. 2024 (UTC)
      • Start Trading: 12:00 on May 1. 2024 (UTC)
      • Start Withdrawal: 12:00 on May 1. 2024 (UTC)

      About NUC (Nucoin)

      The pinnacle of blockchain evolution. As the native coin for NuGenesis, the groundbreaking blockchain network that owns and operates the NuGenesis Hub with over 3 million views monthly, NuCoin stands at the forefront of technological innovation. The NuGenesis Hub serves as a beacon of knowledge and insight in the digital space, attracting users from around the globe. But what truly sets NuCoin apart is its integration with the world's most advanced AI monitoring systems, seamlessly infusing artificial intelligence into every aspect of the blockchain experience. At the heart of NuCoin lies a commitment to revolutionize the digital landscape, including its ability to tokenize real-world assets (RWA), bridge networks, and deploy projects on its network. With NuCoin, users gain access to a comprehensive ecosystem that extends beyond traditional cryptocurrency functions. Moreover, with NuGenesis Crypto at the helm and the expertise of the Early Developers of Meta Processing and the Metarealm, NuCoin benefits from a wealth of expertise and innovation, ensuring its position as a leader in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

      Website: https://nucoin.com.au/

      Blockchain browser: https://explorer.nucoin.com.au/

      Whitepaper: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/qpgfjj8o58ylidqijndks/h?rlkey=5kmv70w9gspkofs39r23dww1g&dl=0

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