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      The Sei Airdrop

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      The Sei airdrop is a first of its kind event, reaching out to every corner of the Web3 universe.

      It is a truly "cross-chain" airdrop that recognises pioneering users of blockchain technology from across many ecosystems.

      Users of most popular blockchains in 2023 are likely to be whitelisted and eligible to take part.

      The airdrop will open for claiming at Public Mainnet launch.

      Once Public Mainnet launch is here, you can check eligibility and take part in the crosschain airdrop here: https://app.sei.io/

      Setting the Scene

      Sei is an open-source, permissionless Layer 1 blockchain, specifically designed in response to the fundamental use case of blockchains, the ability to exchange digital assets. As digital assets - from NFTs and Gaming assets to DeFi - continue to grow, so too does the demand for highly performant blockchains. Answering this call, Sei is tailored to be the ideal destination for high-performance, top user experience applications in Web3.

      With this in mind, Sei has been built with an emphasis on speed, performance, and technological innovation. It boasts among the fastest time to finality of any blockchain, potentially higher throughput than the theoretical maximum of any Rollup built on Ethereum, and low-latency, all thanks to its use of cutting-edge technologies. These include parallel processing, instant block finality, and novel mechanisms for efficient block propagation and processing.

      Going a step further, Sei provides the infrastructure making it possible for anyone with internet access to interact with web3 applications, at a speed faster than a blink. Therefore, Sei not only facilitates efficiency, but it unlocks an entirely new class of Web3 application.

      Read more about Sei’s tokenomics here and the Sei whitepaper here.

      How the Sei Airdrop works

      In order to take part, whitelisted users must bridge qualifying assets into Sei.

      The Sei Foundation has worked closely with partners to identify active users across the following blockchains:

      • Solana
      • Ethereum
      • Arbitrum
      • Polygon
      • Binance Smart Chain
      • Osmosis

      These chains were selected as their users are responsible the majority of activity on blockchains today.

      Active users on any of these chains, are likely able to take part. The first step will be to create a Sei Wallet such as Compass. It is likely more Sei Wallets will be mainnet-ready in the coming days. If you are installing these for the first time, please follow the instructions and remember to keep your seed phrase safe. If you have already installed one of these wallets as part of Atlantic 2 testing, please ensure you have the latest version, have imported your wallet to one that is mainnet-ready and are connected to Pacific-1 Mainnet.

      Simply follow the instructions on the "Airdrop" tab to link an existing off-chain wallet to a Sei wallet address, and bridge across any of the tokens listed on the Sei bridging UI.

      The Sei Foundation offers a simple themed frontend to maintain continuity of experience, however the underlying bridging protocols are completely separate from the Sei Foundation. The Sei Foundation has no influence over the Wormhole and Axelar protocols.

      Eligible tokens include:


      IBC (Osmosis only):

      • ATOM
      • OSMO


      • Ethereum: axlUSDC
      • Arbitrum: axlUSDC
      • Polygon: axlUSDC
      • BNB Chain: axlUSDC

      Sei Airdrop FAQs:

      My bridge tx is pending, how do I know if there’s a problem?

      • Bridging is entirely handled by either Wormhole or Axelar, depending on the asset. You can visit the Wormhole Discord or Visit Axelar Support for more information. Note: when bridging from Ethereum, transactions may take as long as 30 minutes to arrive on Sei. This delay is due to how the Wormhole and Axelar bridging protocols operate, and does not reflect Sei's time to finality or performance.
      • For example, while assets are in transit from a source chain (in this example, Ethereum) they are being processed by the bridge protocol (in this case, Wormhole).

      Are there any limitations to the assets that can be bridged in or out of Sei?

      • Any limitations are due to how Wormhole and Axelar set their parameters. The Sei Foundation has no control or say in this process.
      • Wormhole's standard procedure is to launch on new blockchains with default daily and big transaction limits, which will apply to bridging in and out of Sei - please be aware of this and note that these will increase over time.
      • Axelar also has limits for bridging axlUSDC to/from Sei, at $3m per 6 hour period.

      How many airdrops can I claim?

      • Participants can earn up to one airdrop per external whitelisted address linked to a Sei wallet.

      Once I have claimed an airdrop tier, can I try again with the same Sei Wallet / External chain wallet?

      • No.

      Does linking my wallets require me to share a private key?

      • No. Your private key is never shared or revealed as part of this process.

      Source: https://blog.sei.io/the-sei-airdrop/

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