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      Leap Wallet

      Leap Wallet

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      Leap WalletThông tin

      What Is Leap Wallet?

      Leap Wallet is a non-custodial next-generation wallet for Terra. The goal is for Leap to become the most user-friendly crypto wallet for Terra and be your gateway to every aspect of the Terraverse. 

      What Are the Main Features of Leap Wallet?

      • Safety & Privacy FirstWe're a non-custodial wallet, which means we don't keep your keys.
      • Instant, In-wallet SwapsSwap with top DEXs at the best prices.
      • Protocol IntegrationsExplore different dApps in-wallet.
      • Staking, SimplifiedEarn rewards by staking directly inside your wallet.
      • Show Off Your NFTsView your NFT collections, track floor prices and send them to friends.
      • Portfolio TrackingCheck your net worth and asset breakdown across different types and protocols.

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