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      Phantom of the Kill(OSHI) Startup Free Offering on Gate.io

      Danh sách

      Gate.io will launch its next Startup, Phantom of the Kill(OSHI), on October 9th, 2023 at 3:00 AM (UTC).

      Startup Link: https://www.gate.io/startup

      Introduction to Phantom of the Kill -Alternative Imitation- (OSHI):

      This tactical RPG blends strategy with drama, featuring a wide variety of skills, a deep character growth system, and a dramatic story about girls bearing the names of legendary weapons.
      Players can even earn crypto assets via the GamiFi elements of the game, with how much they earn depending on how they play the game. This game is a new blockchain game that lets you train your own unique Killer Princesses.

      (The information below is provided by the Phantom of the Kill(OSHI) team. Please follow the website for more information)

      Token Information
      Token name: Oshi Token
      Token symbol: OSHI
      Max Supply: 1,000,000,000OSHI
      Token Type: Polygon
      Token Contract:

      Token Distribution and Unlocked Rules:
      Game : 24%
      TGE 1%, vesting over 72 months

      Supporter : 10%
      TGE 0%,7%(72 months vesting), 3%(36 months vesting)

      Team : 8.5%
      TGE 0%, vesting over 48 months

      Development : 25%
      TGE 0%, 3 months of cliff, vesting over 48 months

      Treasury : 7.5%
      TGE 4%, vesting over 10 months

      Liquidity : 13.5%
      TGE 3.5%, 1 month of cliff

      Marketing : 11.5%
      TGE 6%, vesting over 10 months

      Website: https://alterna.phantom-of-the-kill.com/en/
      Whitepaper: https://gc-games.gitbook.io/phantom-of-the-kill-alternative-imitation-glb/
      Token Information:

      Phantom of the Kill(OSHI) Startup Sale Rules

      (1) Duration: 3:00 AM on October 9th - 3:00 AM on October 10th (UTC), 2023 Orders placed by qualified users within these 24 hours will be treated equally.)
      (2) Trading starts time: 6:00 AM on October 10th (UTC), 2023
      (3) Price: $0; Startup Supply: 3,333,333 OSHI
      (4) Unlocking Rule: 100% Unlock
      (5) Startup Participation Rules:
      Each user can only purchase once with KYC account.
      a) Startup Participation Rules for VIP Users:
      1.For Airdrop Projects, the system will no longer verify the VIP Users’ assets adequacy, instead, the system will verify the Users’ VIP Level. The actual shares each VIP User received will be determined based on the actual VIP Level at the time of token distribution.
      2.Purchase limit: The maximum contribution limit for a single user is 1500 shares. The VIP Users’ existing subscription share rules remain unchanged and can get 100% airdrops. The higher the VIP level, the more Startup airdrop shares can be subscribed.
      The relationship between the VIP level and the maximum contribution allocation, please refer to the link: https://www.gate.io/article/29892
      b) Startup Participation Rules for Non-VIP Users (VIP 0 Users):
      Spot assets not less than 10 USD, after participating in the subscription, whether the Non-VIP Users win or not will be announced at the end of the project subscription.
      A portion of lucky Non-VIP Users will be randomly selected and the airdrop amount will be evenly distributed.
      Non-VIP users who use Startup vouchers to join the subscription will have their Voucher benefits prioritized. Startup vouchers guarantee a 100% corresponding share, the specific subscription rules can be found at https://www.gate.io/zh/article/31899
      (6) Announcement of results: After the end of the day’s subscription, the system will count all eligible subscription orders.
      VIP users will be distributed according to the ratio of the individually subscripted tokens to the total subscripted tokens.
      Non-VIP users will be randomly selected as part of the lucky Non-VIP users and the airdrop quota will be distributed equally. The subscription results will be announced before listing.
      (7) That multiple accounts with the same KYC information when claiming Startup shares will be deemed as cheating behaviour, and any cheating behaviour is prohibited. In case of cheating, Gate.io reserves the right to disqualify the users involved and forfeit their rewards.

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